Hey there. I’m Stacey, and I’m the author of this site. Thanks for stopping in!

My background is in History and English Literature. I hold an M.A. in Public History from Western University. I have a passion for discovering and sharing stories from the past, and I’m especially interested in the use of digital media for historical research and public engagement. My research interests span everything from medieval cartography to Renaissance patronage, working-class churches of early 20th-century Canada, or violence in A Clockwork Orange – if it has anything to do with cultural history, I’m in. I often like to use maps to illustrate my findings, and my current employment as a contract researcher involves using historical geographic information systems (HGIS). No matter the topic, I’m always eager to learn something new.

About this site

The Pixelated Historian was originally started as a blog to reflect on new skills I acquired during my M.A. year. In addition to my educational experiences, I now post about new projects and research; technology and mapping; history and everyday life; and my own personal and career trajectories. I write about whatever piques my interest, on no particular schedule. I don’t make money from this site.

Why The Pixelated Historian?

As I was starting my adventures in digital history and looking for a name for this blog, “The Pixelated Historian” popped into mind and simply stuck. Originally a nod to my interest in technology, I also think of it in terms of small pieces coming together to make a larger whole – pixels into an image, numerical bits into complex programs, a body of facts into a narrative, or diverse interests and experiences into a person. In terms of history, I often enjoy taking a step back from a narrow focus to appreciate the bigger picture, and vice versa. So that’s me – the pixelated historian.

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