Link of the week: GeoImgr

Today’s “Link of the week” post is short and sweet, just like the program it describes – GeoImgr.

GeoImgr is a handy little website I discovered last semester when trying to use the “Geotagged photos to points” tool in ArcGIS. “Geotagged photos to points” is very useful for when you want to show your users another perspective on your GIS points of interest. But as you may have guessed from the name, in order for this ArcGIS tool to work, your photos need to be geotagged already (that is, they need to have coordinates associated with them).


Geotagging this photo was a matter of point-and-click.

If you have photos on your hard drive and need to geotag them, GeoImgr is a simple way to do it. Upload your photo, point to where you want it on the map (or input the coordinates yourself), download the geotagged version of your photo, and you’re done. Fast and simple and it works every time. But don’t just take my word for it – check out this Killer Startups post on the website, or better yet, give GeoImgr a go.


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