Simple Game Navigation 2.0

After modifying and adding to Dr. Turkel’s “Simple Game Navigation” Max patch, I now have a working patch to create a virtual tour of a 16th-century Portuguese shipping route. As in the original patch, this provides an interface for navigation using buttons for the cardinal directions. As you navigate to each new area, you are told your current location. Your options for moving are restricted based on current location. New features include:

  • Indicators to tell you where you can navigate to next, and in which direction;
  • Textual descriptions of each place;
  • Capability for audio playback at each place, with measures to stop the previous track and start a new one as soon as you move from one place to another. (I haven’t really planned to add audio to this, but hooked up the audio just to see if I could make it work. I do, however, intend to make the patch display photos of each place.)

Jan30SpiceExperimentAbove is the patch as it appears when I’m editing. Below is what the user sees:

Jan30SpiceExperiment2Yes, it looks plain, but it works!

Improvements I’d like to make:

  • Of course I’d like to pretty this up a bit, add pictures, write better descriptions of the cities, and hook this up to the physical world. With any luck I can make a robot that actually moves a little ship from place to place on a historic map.
  • As for a custom controller, I think a Makey Makey would be ideal, since the four cardinal directions can easily be controlled using input from the arrow keys.
  • It would be nice to modify the patch so that it has a sense of when you’re embarking on the journey and when you’re returning. That way the user doesn’t have to see the same messages of the cities as they return to Lisbon.

Click here for the code.


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