Behind the scenes: Commemorative Integrity

Banting House NHSC

Banting House from the southIn my classes at Western this week, we have been learning about the concept of “commemorative integrity.” This concept was defined specifically by Parks Canada for National Historic Sites like Banting House. Because commemorative integrity  is so important to everything we do at Banting House National Historic Site of Canada, I wanted to share some information about it with you.

What’s commemorative integrity, and why is it important? According to Parks Canada, “commemorative integrity describes the health and wholeness of a national historic site.” To possess commemorative integrity, a National Historic Site must make sure that:

  • the resources which make it important are not impaired or threatened;
  • the reasons for the site’s importance are effectively communicated to the public;
  • the site’s heritage values are respected by everyone whose decisions or actions can affect the site.

(These points are paraphrased from the Parks Canada Guide to the Preparation of Commemorative Integrity…

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