Experimenting with HTML using iframe

This week, our Digital History class was asked to find an online version of the original newscast using the phrase “Oh, the humanity” (originally inspired by this post from Stephanie Johns). We were then challenged to write some HTML that would embed the page with the recording in our blog. Here is the result:

A whole lot of nothing. A quick Google search led me to this page, which explains that certain HTML tags including iframe are not allowed on WordPress for security reasons. Other forbidden tags include embedframe, form, input, object, and textarea. If you try to use these tags in a post or page, your code will be stripped out as soon as you save a draft or publish. Because I don’t typically need to do anything complicated with my websites, this isn’t too bothersome, but I can see why some of my computer-science-oriented friends find such WordPress restrictions annoying.

Anyway, I tried my HTML out at http://www.w3schools.com and it worked. Here is what I wrote, with some conveniently placed spaces so that WordPress won’t get angry:

< !DOCTYPE html >
< html >
< body >

< iframe src=”http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/eyewitness/flash.php&#8221; width=”650″ height=”300″ >< /iframe >

< /body >
< /html >

PS: the URL isn’t supposed to have &#8211 at the end. I’m not sure why WordPress automatically adds that on (and removes my double quotes at the end of the URL). Another mystery to solve!


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